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Project Description

Example Job Template – Engineering

Company Name


Company Logo – I can probably copy this from your website


Sector – select from drop down list below – you can choose more than one


Location – select from drop down list below – you can choose more than one


Short Summary of Company and Role


In this section you can describe your company in brief, eg an engineering company focused on the automotive sector based in <insert town here>


And then describe a summary of the role you have in mind, eg our placement student will join our operations function gaining experience in all areas on a rotational basis, supporting current team members and adding hands-on value to the function.


And then you can outline the preferred or likely degree course the student is undertaking, and the career direction they are likely to take after the graduate.


Job Description & Person Specification


In this section you can list the specific tasks or duties you have in mind, in bullet point format.  This does not have to be lengthy and detailed but should expand on the short summary described above.


You can present a list of criteria – general skills, aptitudes, technical skills and competencies – required for the successful placement student.  It is also the place to include any location preferences, ie you must be able to live a commutable distance from the job location.


Application Email Address


Use a direct email if possible or else a link to the job application page of your company website.


Salary (if known)


If you are unsure or would not like to publish, this is fine to leave blank.


SECTOR – drop-down list (may be more than one)





Construction & Property

Customer Service


Hospitality & Tourism

HR & Recruitment


Manufacturing & Operations


Sales & Marketing


LOCATION – drop-down list (may be more than one)




North West

North & North East


South East

West Country