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An interesting article on what SMEs should do to attract Gen Z staff.

SMEs are hiring more people than ever before, but how will they convince the next Gen Z generation to join them?


37% of graduates would prefer to work for an SME

A survey undertaken by Prospects, a UK graduate careers organisation, asked over 9,000 students about their work intentions over the next 12 months, 37% said they wanted to work for an SME, whilst only 29% said they wanted to start their first job with a larger employer.


£800 per month – the cost of being an unpaid intern in Manchester.

So employing students who are able to live in their parental home in their placement year might be the better outcome for all.  Hint – using SME Placement rather than just contacting your local Uni will attract students whose family home is more local to you.


So, is the increase in unconditional offers from Universities and good or bad thing?

It must be a huge relief for ‘A’ level students to receive an unconditional offer, but is beneficial in the longer term?


The importance of getting your career off to a good start:

“Two-thirds of new grads who were underemployed in their first job out of college were still underemployed five years later, while only 13 percent of new grads who landed college-level jobs right away were underemployed five years in.”  …from the Chicago Tribune, but the point will be applicable in the UK too.

Interesting stats

In the past two years, the following have occurred:

  • There are more web searches made on mobile devices than on desktop.
  • 2017 was the year digital ad spending finally beat TV

Alternative solutions needed as ‘’ firms ‘struggling to recruit as overseas staff stay away’ ‘’

So can recruiting placement students meet that need?

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‘’Skills gap will worsen after Brexit, say employers.’’

So, businesses will need to consider new ideas of how to recruit when the UK leaves the EU.

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Business jargon – the most unpopular and tips for (not) using it at interview

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“Small enterprises with fewer than 50 people employ some 48% of all private sector workers. So they offer a significant engine for employment creation.’’ Professor Geraint Johnes of Lancaster University.

Google launches its job search function in the UK in July 2018 following its launch in the US.

It is partnering with huge job sites to aggregate vacancies.  Good for job seekers to have just one site to search across multiple job boards.  But… how will your job vacancy stand out in such a colossal collection of job ads?

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