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Our target market is small-medium sized companies with a headcount typically in the 10-500 range – companies big enough to provide hands-on placement opportunities but not so large to provide detailed placement schemes.

In candidate attraction, competing with the ‘big boys’ can be difficult, so this is the place to stand out. Employing a student for a placement year is an effective solution to an immediate or planned department need and also a source of securing future talent to your organisation.

The benefits of employing a placement student:

  • Enthusiastic, willing employees looking to commit to your company for a defined period

  • Employees with a flexible and open-minded approach to their work

  • Create a talent pipeline – an excellent way of hiring future graduate employees with experience in your business

  • Large pool of candidates to choose from – more and more university courses/subjects are offering/encouraging placement years as part of the course.

  • An opportunity to remedy a skills gap, by training placement students in those rare skills

  • Can help junior members gain management experience by supervising/mentoring the placement student

  • Very little admin/bureaucracy – can treat them as a member of staff on a fixed term contract

The benefits of advertising on SMEplacement:

  • Opportunity – for FREE! – for your company or job to be seen by a focused student demographic rather than be one of many thousands of ads on generic job sites

  • To benefit from widespread but targeted marketing: on all social media; direct contact with all Universities; multi-channel marketing to a focused group

  • Simple and inexpensive advertising – just three choices: free standard listing; featured job; account management.

  • Listing for a full twelve months to cover the period where both early-bird students and last-minute ones will see it – you will not need to renew every 28 days or try to predict when students will be looking

  • Attract students who may be at Uni elsewhere in the UK but whose family home is local (ideal for a placement job).

  • A simple way of reaching students from multiple universities, to broaden your talent pool

How To Advertise

Please email and we will reply with a simple template in MS Word. We can also offer help and advice regarding writing job descriptions and ad copy. We can do this via email or on the phone.

Once the ad copy is received, we will upload it to the website within 48 hours, usually quicker. It will then be acted upon according to the service you have selected.

Payment is made via invoice, payable within 14 days, or directly on the phone using online bank transfer.

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